October 1, 2015 / Inspiration

Success:  Beyond Marketing Though it’s taken me a while to really be consciously aware of and apply the power of positive thoughts (using words that are empowering), the more I…

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September 24, 2015 / Inspiration
September 9, 2015 / Inspiration

Dare To Dream… To Open The Door…Just A Crack   In the words of the almighty and powerful Jedi Master known throughout the galactic universe as Yoda, he instilled upon us…

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September 3, 2015 / Inspiration
August 27, 2015 / BASE Jumping

Extreme Sports Photography Photography in and of itself can be challenging, especially for someone that has never picked up a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera and even more so when the words “extreme…

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August 5, 2015 / Inspiration
July 29, 2015 / Skydiving

SDC Summerfest 2015 It was only just nine months ago when I told myself I was going to summerfest “next year”.  Well – July 2015 reared its beautiful head from the…

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July 28, 2015 / Inspiration

My Words “What are you thinking…how are you feeling…tell me what is on your mind!” Though these are two very important questions that give purpose and meaning to me and…

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July 14, 2015 / Inspiration
July 3, 2015 / Inspiration